Fotball - Ettertraktet Adidas matchball!

Vi selger varer i hovedsak til Norden, men innimellom får vi bestillinger fra andre land. Like før jul fikk vi epost fra Hugo som bor i Holland. Han samler på Adidas Matchballer fra etter år 2000. Etter mye tid på google og diverse fotball forumer hadde han endelig funnet en nettbutikk som solgte Adidas U21 EM Sverige 2009 matchballen, Oslo Sportslager!

 Adidas Matchball fotball collection samling    Adidas Matchball fotball collection samling

Etterhvert var det en lykkelig Hollender som kunne utvide samlingen sin med en av matchballene han manglet. Vi spurte om Hugo om han kunne skrive litt om samlingen sin for våre lesere:

"Hello Norway !

My name is Hugo van der Schelling and I live in Krimpen a/d IJssel, a town close to Rotterdam in Holland.
One of my hobbies, next to volleyball, soccer and fitness, is to collect original Adidas match balls. Recently I bought a beautiful match ball from Oslo Sportslager AS in Oslo, the Adidas Terrapass of the U-21 Eurocup held in Sweden 2009.

Three years ago I started to collect Adidas match balls although I was crazy about match balls my whole live. The first match ball I got from my parents in 1980, it was the Adidas Tango Durlast used in the World Cup 1978 in Argentina where Holland lost the finals of Argentina. I still have this match ball however it has been used so unfortunately not suitable for my collection. At this moment I try to get all original Adidas match balls from the period 2000 up to now. This includes all match balls of the Eurocups (for countries), World Cups and Olympic Games and other match balls which fascinate me.
The favourite match balls of my collection are :
Adidas Wawa Aba (Africa Cup of Nations 2008)
Adidas Magnus Moenia (Olympic Games 2008)
Adidas Teamgeist (Women’s World Cup 2007 in China).

It’s expensive to collect match ball however I really enjoy it and to make it cheaper it’s better to wait a couple of months to buy a match ball since the price is much higher in the first months. The risk is that the match ball are not available any more and that you have to buy it later on for a higher price ….

Vennlig hilsen from Holland !!"

Oversikt over Adidas Matchball samlingen til Hugo:

The overview of my Adidas matchball collection :
Fevernova ; World Cup Korea/Japan 2002
Fevernova 2003 ; Womens World Cup USA 2003
Pelias ; Olympic Games 2004 Greece
Roteiro ; Euro 2004 Portugal
Pelias 2 ; Confederations Cup Germany 2005
Teamgeist ; Teamgeist and Teamgeist Berlin, World Cup 2006 Germany
RFEF ; matchball Copa del Rey finals 2006 Spain
F-50 Womens UEFA Cup 2006
Teamgeist 2
Teamgeist 2007 Womens World Cup China, normal version and version with stamp of tournament
Europass ; 3 matchballs Europass, Europass Power Orange and Europass Gloria 2008
Wawa Aba : Africa Cup of Nations 2008 Ghana
Teamgeist Magnus Moenia ; Olympic Games 2008 Beijing China
Terrapass, Terrapass Power Orange
Kopanya; Confederations Cup 2009 held in South Africa
Terrapass Argentina League matchball 2009
Terrapass 2009 UEFA Euro U-21 held in Sweden
Jabulani Angola 2010, Africa Cup of Nations held in Angola
Jabulani 2010 World Cup South Africa
Still wishing / looking for :
Teamgeist2 Power Orange
Silverstream Terrestra ; Euro 2000 held in Holland/Belgium
Fevernova 2003 ; USA version
Terrapass Womens Euro Cup 2009 held in Finland

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